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Performance space

Extension of the Selsey centre to be made into a multi-purpose theatrical arts space.

Status of project

project available to be adopted

What needs to be done?

This project has been discussed with members of Selsey Town Council. Initial plans have been drawn up by Arts Dream Selsey (ADS) and presentations made to members of Selsey Town Council. 

What's the name of your group?


What help do you need?

Someone who appreciates and recognises the need for the above facilities in Selsey – witness the popularity and success of all of Arts Dream Selsey activities and events which attract people from all over the Manhood Peninsula and beyond, especially in the case of our public events all of which helps to raise Selsey’s profile within the area as a whole.

Estimated cost

The cost of the project could be in the region of 1 million, but that money would not all have to be paid at once

Once the project has started then additional funding could be raised from for example

Arts Council England, and the Big Lottery Fund