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Arts & Heritage centre

An Arts and Heritage centre for Selsey – let’s create a multipurpose exhibition space for art, craft and photography with space for an archive of images of the town’s history.

Status of project

project available to be adopted

What needs to be done?

This project has been discussed with members of Selsey Town Council.

The project could be combined with a heritage Museum centre.

In addition to a multipurpose exhibition space for art, craft and photography,  a dedicated workshop area with  storage space for art materials is needed. A café for additional income and a more pleasurable experience for visitors   would be advised

Also there are extensive archives in Selsey of images and photographs, a focus on heritage would allow people to travel to Selsey.


What's the name of your group?

At the present time we have three painting groups : Seal Island Artists, Drawing and Painting for Pleasure and  Beginners and Returners. There is also a photography group that would be keen on exhibiting work

What help do you need?

Someone who appreciates and recognises the need for the above facilities in Selsey – witness the popularity and success of all of Arts Dream Selsey activities and events which attract people from all over the Manhood Peninsula and beyond, especially in the case of our public events all of which helps to raise Selsey’s profile within the area as a whole.

Estimated cost

Cost: adapting and existing building or building a new space, so relatively high. Initial funding for a few thousand pounds would pay for feasibility and plans.

The consultation has already been done, people have already indicated what they want, Arts heritage centre comes top of the list